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The First Sod Harvest of Spring! Call Us today!!
Fall is the perfect time of year to install sod!  The weather is cooler and the plant is less stressed. If you want to turn your backyard or commercial green space into an oasis, call us today!  The friendly and knowledgeable team at DeBuck's can help you with all of your Sod needs.

  DeBuck's has #DeBest Sod to refresh your green space on any jobsite, commercial project, sports field or DIY project!  Visit our FAQ, and Installation pages to help you plan your project and get the results you will be proud of!
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First Time DIYer?  Check out our FAQ and Installation Guide for helpful tips and important information for your project.
DeBuck's Sod Farm is your source for premium turfgrass sod 
in the New York Metropolitan area!

  We are committed to providing a lush, dark green, uniform product - absent of weeds and disease.  DeBuck's Sod is ideal for any project including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, golf courses and sports fields.  As a family owned and operated business, we are committed to quality and customer service.  Contact us to find out how DeBuck's Sod can put the finishing touch on your project!

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At DeBuck's Sod Farm we are proud of our premium quality Turfgrass!  We put our heart and soul into growing a beautiful product and providing our customers with the best Customer Service.  Please take a minute to look at our photo album and see pictures from our farm!